Our Team

We have attracted a deep, talented, and diverse team of individuals who are passionately focused on solving some of the investment industry's most pressing problems. Many of our professionals hold advanced degrees from top-ranked schools and have strong industry experience. Our people share a bond built on a shared vision and a culture of creativity, collegiality, and excellence.


Rob Arnott

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Katrina Sherrerd

President & Chief Operating Officer

Chris Brightman

Chief Investment Officer

John West

Managing Director, Head of Client Strategies


Jason Hsu

Chairman & CIO, Rayliant Global Advisors


Michael Aked

Director, Head of Asset Allocation

Charles Aram

Director, Head of EMEA, Research Affiliates Global Advisors (Europe) Limited

Chris Ariza

Senior Vice President, Investment Systems

Noah Beck

Senior Researcher

Tzee Chow

Vice President, Product Research

Mark Clements

Senior Reseacher

Daniel M. Harkins

Chief Legal Officer

Joseph Hattesohl

Director, Chief Financial Officer

Vitali Kalesnik

Director, Head of Equity Research

Amie Ko

Senior Analyst, Product Management

Engin Kose

Vice President, Equity Research

Brandon Kunz

Senior Vice President, Asset Allocation

Li-Lan Kuo

Senior Researcher

Brent Leadbetter

Vice President, Client Strategies

Feifei Li

Director, Head of Investment Management

Xi Liu

Senior Researcher

Jim Masturzo

Vice President, Asset Allocation

Michele Mazzoleni

Vice President, Macro Research

Ihor Nadberezny

Senior Vice President, Information Technology

Prashant Pandey

Senior Associate, Client Strategies

Shaun Patel

Vice President, Institutional Relations

Ari Polychronopoulos

Vice President, Product Management

Yvan Roduit

Vice President, EMEA
Research Affiliates Global Advisors (Europe) Limited

Omid Shakernia

Senior Vice President, Asset Allocation

Shane Shepherd

Director, Head of Macro Research

Joseph Shim

Senior Researcher

Jeffrey Smith

Chief Compliance Officer & Assistant General Counsel

Joe Steidl

Vice President, EMEA
Research Affiliates Global Advisors (Europe) Limited

Jonathan Treussard

Senior Vice President, Product Management

Jeff Wilson

Director, Institutional Relations

Lillian Wu

Senior Researcher