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Insights from Senior Leadership

winning formula graphic winning formula graphic
The Winning Formula: Mission + Culture + Team

CEO transitions are a great time to focus on refining the enduring formula of a firm’s success. Katrina Sherrerd's formula has three equally important elements: mission, culture, and team. The result are win-win-win outcomes—that is, a win for our end investors, a win for our distribution partners, and a win for ourselves.

Alice’s Adventures in Factorland: Three Blunders That Plague Factor Investing

Over the last 15 years, factor returns have not delivered on investors’ expectations. Are factors broken or far riskier than investors believe? Investors could dismiss the approach based on recent poor performance, but perhaps a better path would be to gain an understanding of three risks associated with factor investing. Doing so can help investors form more realistic return expectations.

704-alternative-risk-premia-a-crisis-or-opportunity-1.png 704-alternative-risk-premia-a-crisis-or-opportunity-1.png
Alternative Risk Premia:
Crisis or Opportunity?

We believe a solid understanding of the specific underlying return drivers of ARP strategies can improve investors’ odds of maximizing the long-run investment opportunity of ARP investing.


Further Reading 
Alternative Risk Premia: Valuable Benefits for Traditional Portfolios

Backtesting Machine Learning keyart (email) Backtesting Machine Learning keyart (email)
Backtesting Protocol in the Era of Machine Learning

Machine learning provides the investment industry with a new set of tools. However, investors need to be cautious. Machine learning is being hyped and sometimes misapplied.

Vitali Kalesnik on
Bloomberg TV

Vitali Kalesnik discusses factor investing and how the ETF landscape has changed the way we talk about markets, value, and growth.
October 18, 2018

Recently Published Journal Papers

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Winner of the 2018 Bernstein Fabozzi/Jacobs Levy Award for Best Article

King of the Mountain-The Shiller P/E and Macroeconomic Conditions

Valuation, always an effective tool for long-term investors, can also be useful for assessing short-term market prospects. The authors demonstrate that conditioning CAPE on current inflation and real yields substantially improves its accuracy in forecasting returns for periods from one month to one year.


Published in the Journal of Portfolio Management by Rob Arnott, Tzee Chow, and Denis Chaves.

Is Your Alpha Graphic Is Your Alpha Graphic
Is Your Alpha Big Enough to Cover Its Taxes? A Quarter-Century Retrospective

Recognizing that the management of taxable portfolios has advanced in the past 25 years, the authors of the present paper update a seminal 1993 study in which Robert H. Jeffrey and Robert D. Arnott introduced the concept of a normally negative “tax alpha” and formulated tactics to reduce its detrimental impact on investment results.

Winner of the 2016 Graham & Dodd Scroll Award Of Excellence Paper

Will Your Factor Deliver? An Examination of Factor Robustness and Implementation Costs

Not every factor profits investors when implemented through a passive strategy. Size and quality show weak robustness, and liquidity-demanding factors, such as illiquidity and momentum, are associated with high trading costs. 


Published in the Financial Analysts Journal by Jason Hsu, Vitali Kalesnik, Noah Beck, and Helge Kostka.

Smart Beta Multifactor Image Smart Beta Multifactor Image
Smart Beta Multifactor Construction Methodology: Mixing versus Integrating

All of the well-established factors to which investors gain exposure in low-cost smart beta funds are expected to deliver a premium in the long run, but none is guaranteed to outperform at all times. Seeking diversification, many investors have turned to strategies that exploit multiple factors. Published in the Journal of Index Investing.

Hobbled By Benchmarks Hobbled By Benchmarks
Hobbled by Benchmarks

Many investment organizations benchmark their funds’ performance against the classic 60/40 mix of domestic stocks and bonds, but this posture limits their ability to earn superior risk-adjusted returns. The authors argue that investors can fully realize the well-established benefits of asset-class diversification only if they are seriously willing to revisit their policy portfolios, investment guidelines, and benchmarks.

Interactive Tools


Navigate long-term forecasts for over 130 assets and model portfolios.



Explore expected returns and valuations for smart beta and factor strategies.

RA Working Papers on SSRN

Bernstein Fabozzi/Jacobs Levy Award Winner

Alice’s Adventures in Factorland: Three Blunders That Plague Factor Investing

April 11, 2019


A Backtesting Protocol in the Era of Machine Learning

November 24, 2018


Graham and Dodd Award Winner

What Is Quality?

May 10, 2019


Factor Momentum

February 5, 2019

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