Product Researcher, Investment Management

Seeking qualified applicant to conduct quantitative research in analyzing existing products and developing new investment strategies, and communicate research and provide insights for the benefits of investors.

Product Research Team
The team collaborates with other key departments of Research Affiliates to bring transformative insights and products to the investment community. We design, implement, and validate systematic and research-driven investment strategies that most effectively exploit market anomalies our research identifies. We study investment management and implementation related subjects that are most interesting to investors. We create portfolio analytics that are educational and customized for clients’ needs. The team works on multiple asset classes with a heavier focus on equities.

A successful candidate possesses self-awareness, curiosity, and sense of humor. They genuinely enjoy working on a team, are comfortable speaking their mind candidly, and handle direct feedback. The candidate will enjoy surveying financial literature, learning and discussing the theories, and producing high quality robust research. They should also be keen on looking out for avoiding common biases in empirical analyses, errors in data, as well as practical limitations. The candidate must be able to effectively discuss their findings with colleagues with various backgrounds. They seek to challenge the status quo and do not always look for direct instructions. The candidate should be inquisitive and persistent in finding unconventional wisdom from large sets of convoluted observations. As much as they like exploring, they also habitually tests their own findings. The candidate should push for creating efficient and robust processes and does not corner oneself into repetitive tasks.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Translate the financial theories to practical implementable investment products.
  • Create insightful analytics to help clients and investors to learn about our products.
  • Conduct independent long-term research projects related to investment management and implementation from start to finish: collect and analyze large sets of financial data, synthesize, summarize and communicate results, present to and debate with other researchers, publish in practitioner journals, and explain learnings to the client facing team.

Education and Experience

  • PhD level training in financial theories, econometrics, empirical methods, and quantitative asset management.
  • Alternatively, Master of Financial Engineering with strong working experience.
  • CFA charterholder preferred.

How to apply for this position: Please send resume and cover letter to Human Capital via email at or fax 949-325-8927.

Advanced Python Engineer

We are a small team of software engineers passionate about creating fast, lean, and robust Python code. We use Python 3, and broadly employ modern language features and libraries such as type hints, generators, decorators, functools, itertools, and collections. We leverage high-performance libraries like NumPy and Pandas, and use Flask for web apps. While we do not write much C, we understand Python at the C level. To increase code quality and knowledge transfer, we spend significant time reading and discussing each other's code. We tame large datasets filled with noise and irregularity, and develop reusable approaches to data pipelining, caching, and numerical processing. We habitually test everything we write, and practice continuous integration and continuous deployment. We develop on Linux and deploy to a fleet of VMs via Ansible and Supervisor. We take the time to refine old code, find optimal designs, and invest in building powerful, general-purpose tools, some of which we have open-sourced. As full-stack engineers, we contributing to code, test, back-end, front-end, operations, and deployment.

We are the core engineering team in Investment Management at Research Affiliates, a global leader in innovative indexing and asset allocation strategies. We build the tools that construct hundreds of different portfolios; we create and maintain an expanding network of applications for processing portfolios and financial data, from back-end reporting to front-end comparison and analysis.

We are looking for software engineers who share our interests.

Substantial experience with Python is required, as well as a bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or a related field) and 3 years experience in software engineering (or equivalent professional experience). Advanced degrees (MA, PhD) are welcome, as are applications from exceptional junior candidates.

Company & Benefits
We offer resources to attend conferences, continue expanding your skills, and pursue activities that drive personal growth and creativity. As a company, we embrace the core principles of responsibility, collaboration, curiosity, and authenticity, and actually try to live those values. We have a comfortable office near the ocean with daily catered lunches. Benefits are excellent, and salary is commensurate with experience, education, and competitive with top tech firms. Relocation assistance is available.

Newport Beach, California
No Telecommuting

How to apply for this position: Please send resume and cover letter to Human Capital via email at or fax 949-325-8927.

Quantitative Research Summer Intern, Research and Investment Management

Primary responsibilities include conducting guided and independent quantitative research. The researchers are expected to have strong teamwork and communication skills, are able to produce, understand and present empirical findings, and to discuss and debate financial theories and

Potential internship openings are in the following research groups (please indicate your interest in your cover letter):

  • Equity / Empirical Asset Pricing
  • Fixed Income / Credit / Macro
  • Product Research
  • Tactical Asset Allocation

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Work on directed projects in quantitative strategies assigned by the senior members of the research and investment management teams
  • Work on exploratory research projects in an independent capacity
  • Work on a team to complete research projects

Education & Experience

  • Currently enrolled in a Master in Financial Engineering or equivalent degree program that emphasizes in financial economics, econometrics, empirical asset pricing, quantitative asset management, and financial accounting. Programming skills required
  • Experience as research assistant to finance or economics professors highly desired
  • Experience analyzing large amount of data highly desired
  • Ph.D. Degree in Finance, Mathematics, Business, Economics or Engineering a plus
  • CFA or CPA a plus
  • Work or intern experience at a quantitative asset manager a plus
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong intuition of capital markets and investment concepts
  • Team player and self-motivated

How to apply for this position: Please send resume and cover letter via email to


General Inquiries
Please send resume and cover letter to Human Capital via email at or fax 949-325-8927 or mail to:

Human Capital
Research Affiliates
620 Newport Center Drive, Ste. 900
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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