Systematic Alternative Risk Premia

The Systematic Alternative Risk Premia strategy aims to deliver uncorrelated absolute returns through leveraged long–short exposures to liquid derivatives contracts.

At a Glance


Designed to generate attractive risk-adjusted, uncorrelated returns to stocks and bonds

Seeks to harvest alternative return premia of carry, momentum, and value

Through adherence to a broadly transparent, rules-based investment process, the Systematic Alternative Risk Premia strategy seeks to harvest the alternative return premiums of carry, momentum, and value via prudently leveraging long–short exposures to a broad array of 50+ liquid derivatives contracts in various stock, bond, currency, commodity, and volatility markets.

The strategy’s rules-based process is broadly transparent (reducing governance requirements), focuses on liquid markets, and utilizes banding to ensure that only meaningful signals are traded on—lowering overall portfolio turnover and transaction costs. The cost-minimizing structure of Systematic Alternative Risk Premia allows it to have fees significantly lower than traditional hedge funds.

Utilizes leveraged long–short exposures to liquid derivatives contracts across asset classes and geographies

Adopts a rules-based, transparent, low-cost structure

Investment Information

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