All Asset


All Asset strategies are global tactical asset allocation (GTAA) solutions that aim to deliver attractive real returns, equity diversification, and inflation protection via tactical long-only exposures.


At a Glance


Aims to produce long-term real returns that diversify away from US equity risk


Designed to capture asset class excess returns via tactical long-only exposures


Employs a model-driven, contrarian, value-oriented process anchoring on third pillar asset classes outside of mainstream stocks and bonds

Through discretionary implementation of a proprietary, model-driven, contrarian, and value-oriented investment process, the All Asset strategies harvest asset class excess returns via tactical and predominantly long-only exposures in mutual funds.

Goes beyond mainstream stocks and bonds
All Asset employs a full investment toolkit that includes third pillar asset classes, spanning global stocks, global bonds, commodities, real estate, and liquid alternatives, which can enhance returns and improve diversification.

Hedges against inflation risk
All Asset strategies provide a real-return-oriented approach to investing and are designed to provide protection against rising inflation.


Investment Strategies

All Asset is a global tactical asset allocation strategy that employs a contrarian investment process to seek high real returns while diversifying and complementing the traditional 60/40 approach to investing.

The All Asset All Authority strategy has similar objectives as All Asset with the added flexibility of leverage and shorting, which can potentially improve returns, risk mitigation, and diversification.


Investment Information

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