Research Affiliates delivers insights through four distinct categories of investment strategy.


Smart beta strategies that break the link with price and implement contrarian rebalancing.

Seek long-term outperformance within a low-cost index chassis.

RAFI Multi-Factor™
RAFI Fundamental Index™
RAFI Low Volatility™
RAFI Equity Income
RAFI Commodities
RAFI Bonds


Systematic active equity strategies that aim to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.

RAE Fundamental

RAE Low Volatility
RAE Fundamental Advantage
RAE Long Short
RAE Income

All Asset

Model-driven, contrarian global asset allocation (GTAA) strategy designed to capture asset class excess returns via tactical long-only exposures.

Managed to provide long-term real return, equity diversification, and inflation protection.

All Asset

All Asset All Authority

Systematic Alternative Risk Premia

Absolute-return strategy that seeks to harvest alternative return premia through leveraged long-short exposures to liquid derivatives contracts.

Designed to generate attractive uncorrelated returns to stocks and bonds.

Research Affiliates Systematic Alternative Risk Premia

How to Invest

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