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Diversification: Is the Free Lunch Worth the Heartburn?

Diversification and its long-term benefits have been accepted as a core investment insight. Many have begun to question its benefits, however, due to the underperformance of most diversifying asset classes over the last five years.


Building Portfolios: Diversification without the Heartburn

By Jim Masturzo, Jonathan Treussard

January 2017 | Read Time: 15 min

The wisdom of diversifying investor portfolios across a wide range of asset classes is indisputable. But diversifying client portfolios beyond mainstream stocks and bonds comes with challenges, starting with clients’ unfamiliarity with diversifying asset classes and a propensity for clients to regret diversifying when results disappoint. Our Asset Allocation Interactive tool can help advisors strike a sensible balance between adopting diversification and client comfort, adding the needed spice to portfolios without tipping into untenable heartburn.