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Intelligent Design

For investors who seek income, sustainability of that income is crucial. Identifying sustainability requires a selection process designed with purpose and deliberation to achieve this goal.



The Market for “Lemons”: A Lesson for Dividend Investors

By Vitali Kalesnik Engin Kose Chris Brightman

June 2015 | Read Time: 10 min Read

Like buying a used car, buying bargain equities can mean nasty surprises. Measuring the quality—reducing our information asymmetry—of the companies we are considering buying can improve our investment returns by screening out the inevitable lemons.


How to Choose High Dividend Stocks

Picking a cherry among the lemons.



Elegant Design

By Chris Brightman Vitali Kalesnik Engin Kose

December 2015 | Read Time: 10 min Read

In product design, the AND principle means building in desirable features without the trade-offs that conventional thinking considers inevitable. Case in point: an equity income index holding liquid, quality stocks with high dividend yields.

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