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The Biggest Failure in Investment Management: How Smart Beta Can Make It Better or Worse

The biggest failure in investment management—the gap between the returns realized by the investor and the returns earned by the strategy or fund the investor owns—typically remains in the shadows with the glare of the spotlights focused on alpha.

Is Your Alpha Graphic Is Your Alpha Graphic

Journal Paper

Is Your Alpha Big Enough to Cover Its Taxes?

Tax-aware and tax-advantaged investing have come a long way since Jeffrey and Arnott (1993) published one of the first investigations into the impact of taxes on active management performance.

Diversification Webinar Replay Diversification Webinar Replay

Webinar Replay

Diversification: Is the Free Lunch Worth the Heartburn?

Diversification and its long-term benefits have been accepted as a core investment insight. Many have begun to question its benefits, however, due to the underperformance of most diversifying asset classes over the last five years.

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