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Careers at Research Affiliates

Our Mission and Values


We are a research-driven investment management company committed to being the preeminent source of insights and products that transform the global investment community for the benefit of investors.


As a firm, we embrace diversity and emphasize our core values of authenticity, curiosity, collaboration, and responsibility. 

What We Do


Our investment strategies are built on a strong research culture led by our Chairman and CEO, Rob Arnott, and Chief Investment Officer, Chris Brightman. We strive to be the foremost source of insights, tools, and research that will challenge and educate the investment community, and create better long-term investor outcomes.


To maximize our impact, we partner with some of the world’s leading index providers and asset managers to deliver our strategies across diverse geographies, investor segments, and investment vehicles. Our research and strategies cover smart beta, global tactical asset allocation, and systematic active strategies.



What We've Accomplished

As of April 2018, $201 billion in assets are managed worldwide using investment strategies developed by Research Affiliates.
Award-winning thought leadership and research with +350 articles and journal papers published over more than 15 years.



Best-in-class interactive tools on asset allocation and smart beta that include expected returns and implementation characteristics.


A Sample of our Research

Hobbled by Benchmarks (landscape) Hobbled by Benchmarks (landscape)
Hobbled by Benchmarks


Many investment organizations continue to benchmark their funds’ performance against the classic 60/40 mix of domestic stocks and bonds. This posture limits their ability to earn superior risk-adjusted returns. The authors argue that investors can fully realize the well-established benefits of asset class diversification only if they are seriously willing to revisit their policy portfolios, investment guidelines, and benchmarks. 

The Bubble That Never Came (and Other Misconceptions about Treasury Bonds)


A 10-year US Treasury note yielding just little above 2% does feel expensive. Yet we should not be misled by appearances. Our research shows that, contrary to common wisdom, Treasury bonds are only moderately overvalued. All in all, bonds are not as unattractive as a simple...

Informed Traders, Long-Dated Options, and the Cross- Section of Stock Returns


Option prices predict the cross-section of equity returns. We show that, unconditionally, the prices of long-dated options contain all the information relevant for predicting returns. Information, however, shifts toward short-dated options when an earnings...

The Internship Program

The internship program at Research Affiliates is an opportunity for candidates to collaborate on new research projects with our research staff. The program aims to provide a sound, practical, and in-depth quantitative asset management experience.


A typical internship lasts between 10 and 12 weeks, which allows our interns to fully immerse themselves in our firm's culture and interact with senior researchers in a highly collaborative and collegial environment.  


"My internship project with the Macro Team at Research Affiliates allowed me to explore the yield curve in much more depth than what I covered in school. It was an incredibly practical project and some of my work eventually found its way into our company’s toolkit."

-Naveen Daftari  |  Sr. Asset Allocation Researcher  |  Full-Time Employee since 2017

"I really enjoyed my summer as an intern at Research Affiliates. Having an independent project allowed me to become proficient on the particular subject, while interacting with the other interns gave me broad and diverse exposure to other areas of finance."

-Jay Jeon  |  Asset Allocation Researcher  |  Full-Time Employee since 2018