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The Evolution of Value Investing

Enabled by modern technology, investors can now enhance a pure value strategy by using momentum to improve timing, measuring quality to avoid value traps, and diversifying active bets into less efficiently priced small stocks.


How NOT to Wipe Out with Momentum

By Chris Brightman Vitali Kalesnik

September 2015 | Read Time: 10 min

Momentum as a standalone strategy can be very risky, but incorporating it into another strategy– specifically, value–is an opportune way to exploit its power.

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Reeling In Small-Cap Alpha

By Vitali Kalesnik Noah Beck

November 2015 | Read Time: 10 min

Small size alone does not guarantee excess return, but implementing an outperforming strategy, such as value or momentum, in the universe of small company stocks increases alpha-producing opportunities.

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The Moneyball of Quality Investing

By Vitali Kalesnik

June 2014 | Read Time: 10 min

Quality is not a separate factor, but value investing conditioned upon well-chosen quality indicators is a promising investment strategy.

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