Factor Strategies and Market Cycles

Michele Mazzoleni, PhD

Understanding the sensitivities of factor-based strategies is essential to properly calibrate return expectations and cope with unavoidable periods of underperformance. Michele Mazzoleni explains our research into gaining a better awareness of these sensitivities.

Are Valuations Irrelevant?

Recorded March 13, 2019 | Time:  52:44

Rob Arnott

With US stock market valuations exceeding all historical valuation levels—except for those hit at the peak of the dot-com craze—Rob Arnott examines the subsequent performance of companies, which were at one time the largest companies in the world.


A Multi-Signal Approach to Asset Allocation

Jim Masturzo, CFA

Jim Masturzo demonstrates how to use multiple signals to create portfolio sleeves designed to help deliver on the often competing and changing objectives investors face over their investment horizon. View a 9-minute excerpt of his 2019 Advisor Symposium presentation.


At the Nexus of Financial and Technological Innovation

Recorded March 13, 2019 | Time:  47:58

Cam Harvey, PhD

Learn from Cam Harvey how technologies from blockchain to automated portfolio construction are likely to impact the financial landscape.

The Business Case for Purposeful Business

Alex Edmans, PhD

Based on his research, Alex Edmans shows how a corporation treats its employees and how closely it follows governance-related best practices is indicative of positive long-term outcomes for investors.

Implementation Matters in ESG Investing Too

Feifei Li, PhD

Feifei Li explains the importance of portfolio construction in an ESG portfolio using a carbon footprint example in her Advisor Symposium presentation.

Building a Sustainable Culture

Katrina Sherrerd PhD, CFA

Because cognitive diversity is conducive to better decision making, firms that embrace it tend to produce better outcomes for their investors. Katy Sherrerd discusses how improved outcomes are being increasingly linked to a sustainable and high-functioning culture able to withstand leadership change and competitive market pressures.

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