Business Model

Research Affiliates has a unique business model for its industry. We choose to distribute our ideas in partnership with leading investment organizations around the world. These 3rd parties, who we refer to as affiliates, have established distribution capabilities that allow us to efficiently distribute products based on our ideas, while we focus on research, product design and client service. In addition, we work closely with large institutional clients, some of whom choose to work directly with Research Affiliates to implement solutions.

Business Model

​We partner with leading Asset Managers around the world who manage products based on our ideas. We call these partners Affiliates and they are the primary means by which we distribute our solutions. We also partner with leading index providers to build and track our indices in support of data providers, asset managers, and institutional investors. We select our partners carefully and work closely with them to implement and support our strategies.

We work closely with the largest Institutional Investors throughout the world. We work to understand their needs and to help them understand our strategies and the research behind them. There are many implementation options that provide access to Research Affiliates strategies', so we partner with Institutional Investors to determine the specific solution that's right for them.

There are three ways that Research Affiliates provides its solutions to investors:

Asset Manager Affiliates

Asset Managers license our solutions and make them available to investors in a variety of formats. Research Affiliates strategies are available around the world and there are products available that target every investment segment - from retail to institutional.
See the list of our Asset Management Affiliates.

Index Calculator Affiliates

Many Research Affiliates strategies are implemented as indices. Asset managers and large Institutional Investors license our indices directly from these Index Calculators. Indices performance is also available through a number of data providers. See our Index Calculator Affiliates.

Direct Management

Some large institutional clients choose to work directly with us. Through our Direct Management services, we offer a number of strategies in a variety of account formats.Contact us at