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The Promise of Smart BetaBeyond the debate over definitions, smart beta strategies can be the prime alternative to active management for our times just as cap-weighted index funds served so admirably in that role for the past four decades.
Busting the Myth About Size The size premium—the outperformance of small-cap stocks—has been a fixture in factor investing for an entire generation. But a critical examination of updated evidence from the United States and 17 other countries throws its very existence into question.
Hiring Good Managers Is Hard? Ha! Try Keeping ThemBecause the likelihood of hiring equity managers who will outperform the market is remote, it is sensible for investors to monitor their actively managed funds. But placing underperforming managers “on watch” might not be the best policy.

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Chris Brightman Introduces Research Affiliates' New Asset Allocation Website​Chris Brightman provides an overview of the new asset allocation website released by Research Affiliates. Chris discusses expectation models and the new interactive tools.​
Retirement Planning: Millennials vs. BoomersTarget-date funds don’t recognize that millennials’ ability to earn a paycheck is like a dividend-paying stock. And boomers typically have claims on bond-like income from social security and pensions. What’s a sensible asset mix?

Rob Arnott on The Glidepath Illusion​Rob Arnott explains why target-date funds fail to either maximize wealth or minimize uncertainty about future income.


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