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Are You a "Ben Graham Defensive Investor"?Benjamin Graham’s well-reasoned, rules-based approach to security analysis remains, after more than 80 years, a cornerstone for building a strong, long-term investment program to meet investors’ financial goals…
Watch: The Fundamentals of the Fundamental IndexThe Fundamental Index™ strategy—now boasting a 10-year track record of actual results—has transformed equity investing in the United States and around the world. See and hear how it works and why it might be a sensible choice for your portfolio.  ​​​​​
Is a Stronger U.S. Dollar Really Bad News? Three Myths about Emerging MarketsConventional wisdom says a strengthening U.S. dollar threatens emerging market economies. But there’s another way to view the dynamics of interest rate increases, risk appetites, economic growth, and currency returns—one that is supported by facts.​

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Are Stocks Overvalued? A Survey of Equity Valuation ModelsWe revisit the most commonly used equity valuation tools, comparing their respective strengths and weaknesses, and explain our approach to valuation. No matter the measurement, U.S. equity prices are high and long-term expected returns are low.​
The Market for “Lemons": A Lesson for Dividend InvestorsLike buying a used car, buying bargain equities can mean nasty surprises. Measuring the quality—reducing our information asymmetry—of the companies we are considering buying can improve our investment returns by screening out the inevitable lemons.
The Whole Story: Factors + Asset ClassesSome of the investment industry’s best thinkers discussed their work at a Research Affiliates meeting. Jason Hsu’s report emphasizes that factor-based investing is incomplete unless it’s paired with an asset-based approach.


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