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Understanding the Value Investor Return Gap The value premium has proven to be persistent, but it doesn’t mean a value strategy always outperforms. The key to successful value investing is exploiting mean reversion through countercyclical timing.
Watch: The Fundamentals of the Fundamental IndexThe Fundamental Index™ strategy—now boasting a 10-year track record of actual results—has transformed equity investing in the United States and around the world. See and hear how it works and why it might be a sensible choice for your portfolio.  ​​​​​
Chasing Performance with ETFsETF providers respond to investors’ preference for strong recent performance by launching new funds with hot strategies. Our research reveals a striking pattern of post-launch performance.

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Are Buybacks an Oasis or a Mirage?Buybacks over the last few years have swept fast and furiously through the U.S. equity market just like a Saharan sirocco. But have stockholders benefitted? A tally of the new issuance during the period answers the question.
Black Ice: Low Volatility Investing in Theory and PracticeSelecting a low volatility strategy? Constraints improve investability, but they have side effects with unequal consequences for optimized versus heuristically constructed portfolios. The differences may influence your decision.
Investing versus FlippingThe long-term investor is interested in investing, not speculating, and therefore does not rue lower prices or bear markets. We believe investing for the long term entails buying the least popular assets in the global marketplace. Today, those assets include EM equities.


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