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The Whole Story: Factors + Asset ClassesSome of the investment industry’s best thinkers discussed their work at a Research Affiliates meeting. Jason Hsu’s report emphasizes that factor-based investing is incomplete unless it’s paired with an asset-based approach.
The Market for “Lemons": A Lesson for Dividend InvestorsLike buying a used car, buying bargain equities can mean nasty surprises. Measuring the quality—reducing our information asymmetry—of the companies we are considering buying can improve our investment returns by screening out the inevitable lemons.
The Danger in "Debalancing"Maintaining a well-balanced portfolio when one or more of its strategies is underperforming may be—just like getting a preschooler to eat a well-balanced diet—viewed as a most unpalatable option!

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Greek Drama: Act 2Greece will default. She cannot repay her debts. But must Greece leave the eurozone? Of course not! Euro or drachma, Greece now has no choice but to constrain consumption to production, and expenditures to tax collections.

Jason Hsu: Low Volatility as a De-Risking Strategy​Low-volatility investing is a sensible strategy for individuals and institutions who seek full participation in the equity market at a lower-than-market level of investment risk.
Slow Growth: A Tale of Two TheoriesGlobal demand is dragging. Savings far exceeds investment. The combination is a surefire recipe for long-term low to negative growth in the developed markets—and core U.S. asset returns of 1% or lower over the next decade.


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