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What "Smart Beta" Means to UsThe controversial term “smart beta” is used so broadly in the marketplace that it risks becoming meaningless. This article describes the characteristics of equity strategies that, in our view, merit the smart beta designation.
Finding Smart Beta in the Factor ZooThe publish-or-perish syndrome and the smart beta movement have motivated academics and practitioners to come up with a spate of new factors. How can investors determine which ones are legitimate and how to use them in their equity portfolios?
Target-Date Funds: No Happily Ever After in This Fairy TaleTarget-date funds come with a winning story about risk-taking at progressive stages of life, but there is evidence the investment strategy is seriously flawed.

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Chris Brightman on Smart Beta BasicsChris Brightman explains the basic principle of smart beta strategies—rebalancing to weights that are unrelated to stock prices.
The Outlook for Emerging Market BondsEmerging market bonds exhibit high real yields and improving credit quality. In addition, emerging market currencies are likely to strengthen. This article explains why emerging market bonds issued in local currencies might be a solid addition to a diversified portfolio.

Rob Arnott on The Glidepath Illusion​Rob Arnott explains why target-date funds fail to either maximize wealth or minimize uncertainty about future income.


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