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There's Diversity in ValueThe value premium neither widens and narrows uniformly across countries nor moves in sync with major asset classes. A fundamentally weighted long-short strategy might be a sensible addition to a diversified asset mix.
What's Up? Quantitative Easing and InflationThe U.S. Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of Japan have variously completed, announced, or expanded their QE programs. It’s time to sort out the probable effects on inflation.
Yesterday’s Gone: Year-End Capital Markets Commentary and ExpectationsWith updated return expectations, we estimate that the performance of U.S. stocks and bonds over the next 10 years will be significantly lower than long-term historical averages. Other asset classes may produce moderately better returns.

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GDP Growth: Cutting Through the Noise The media circulate fanciful stories to explain economic growth rates, but national production actually results from physical capital in the hands of industrious, educated workers—and the long-term outlook seems most promising for emerging countries.

Chris Brightman Introduces Research Affiliates' New Asset Allocation Website​Chris Brightman provides an overview of the new asset allocation website released by Research Affiliates. Chris discusses expectation models and the new interactive tools.​
The Promise of Smart BetaBeyond the debate over definitions, smart beta strategies can be the prime alternative to active management for our times just as cap-weighted index funds served so admirably in that role for the past four decades.


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