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To Win With “Smart Beta“ Ask If the Price Is RightProduct proliferation in smart beta often coincides with wonderful historical returns. These returns can be an alpha mirage caused by rising valuations. Investors need to be mindful of this to avoid performance chasing, a wealth-destroying activity.

(Webinar Replay) How Can “Smart Beta” Go Horribly Wrong?In evaluating any investment strategy, valuations matter.
How Can "Smart Beta" Go Horribly Wrong?If investors don’t wise up soon that rising valuations are responsible for most of the “alpha” produced by smart beta, the inevitable mean reversion to historical valuation norms threatens to unleash a smart beta crash.

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The Dirty Little Secret of Passive InvestingPassive investments have hidden costs in the form of forgone performance due to transactions occurring at prices that would not have prevailed if index-tracking managers didn’t need to enter trades. Read how implicit trading costs affect results.
Echoes of 1999: The Tech Bubble and the "Asian Flu"Four market conditions now parallel the extremes last experienced in December 1998, setting up 1999 as the first year in a decade of outperformance by inflation-fighting and diversifying assets. Now is the time to rotate into these unloved asset classes.
Negative Rates Are Dangerous to Your WealthRecently enacted NIRP in several major developed economies means not only lower current yields but also lower future expected returns—and thus lower accumulated wealth—for investors investing in these markets.


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