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Are Buybacks an Oasis or a Mirage?Buybacks over the last few years have swept fast and furiously through the U.S. equity market just like a Saharan sirocco. But have stockholders benefitted? A tally of the new issuance during the period answers the question.
Watch: The Fundamentals of the Fundamental IndexThe Fundamental Index™ strategy—now boasting a 10-year track record of actual results—has transformed equity investing in the United States and around the world. See and hear how it works and why it might be a sensible choice for your portfolio.  ​​​​​
How NOT to Wipe Out with Momentum The proven profitability and robustness of momentum must be balanced against its vulnerability to crashes and crowded trades. What role should momentum play in equity portfolios?​

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The China Syndrome: Lessons from the A-Shares BubbleThe rapid rise and sharp decline of the A-shares market represents a massive redistribution of wealth, especially painful to uninformed investors who bought hot stocks near the peak. What should the Chinese government do now?
Are You a "Ben Graham Defensive Investor"?Benjamin Graham’s well-reasoned, rules-based approach to security analysis remains, after more than 80 years, a cornerstone for building a strong, long-term investment program to meet investors’ financial goals… ​
Is a Stronger U.S. Dollar Really Bad News? Three Myths about Emerging MarketsConventional wisdom says a strengthening U.S. dollar threatens emerging market economies. But there’s another way to view the dynamics of interest rate increases, risk appetites, economic growth, and currency returns—one that is supported by facts.​


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